Key Personnel

If You’re Asking “Why?” “Why not?” or “What if?,” You’ve Come to the Right Team.

At AAA, we are fortunate to have a very senior staff with diverse backgrounds and skill sets.

Our management team is experienced, customer-centric, and forward thinking.

Each member has a long track record of success and is a proven leader.

Everyone on our team is accessible. Please feel free to reach out to anyone at AAA.

We are all here to help… 24/7!

Key Innovators

Jeffrey Nanus

President, CEO

Jeffrey Nanus is the President and CEO of AAA. Prior to his 26 years with AAA, Jeffrey started his career working in advertising and brand management in CPG. He also has 10+ years of experience working in publishing—from publisher of World Tennis Magazine and Discover Magazine to National Sales Manager for Esquire.

Jeffrey’s career with AAA started with his initial purchase in 1993, taking him from Park Ave to 7th Ave, followed by a purchase of Satchels NY in 1999 and the introduction of AAA Tailgating in 2013. Jeffrey’s biggest accomplishment at AAA is that he’s gotten to hire so many fantastic people, “way better than me!” He loves all things sports, especially basketball and tennis, and has a soft spot for dogs. He and his wife are the proud parents of five children, three of which happen to be furbabies. Jeffrey’s daily mantra: Be First, Be Best, and Let a smile be your umbrella!

Jim Mahnke

VP Brand Ambassador

As the VP Brand Ambassador with 15 years of AAA experience, Jim Mahnke is a natural leader in all he does. As the manager for team ABC-western US salesforce, Jim is both competitive and relentless in his own right to take on a project and see it through. With ten years business development experience with a major ASI distributor, Jim is at the top of his field with all things related to sales and growth. He even holds the record for most consecutive years beating forecasts in the Guinness Book of World Records. But everyone around AAA knows him best as being Brett Favre’s look-alike and a Live Strong! cyclist extraordinaire, complete with the road rash scars to prove it.

Lisa Hansell


Lisa Hansell is the CFO of AAA and has eight strong years with the company. Her background as a CPA has given her solid experience in developing and implementing financial controls and processes, as proven in her previous role as the Controller for  a division of Illinois Tool Works and Arrow Fastener companies. Lisa is an expert in systems and efficiency and has put processes into place that have modernized all procedures at AAA.


Martin Krause

Director Overseas Production/Compliance

Martin Krause is the Director of Overseas Production & Compliance with 15 years at AAA. Prior to coming on board, he was a successful business owner for over 25 years and knows a thing or two about what’s trending in the business + product world. Considered to be “all knowing and all seeing” around the office, there’s very little that gets by Martin—including a round of golf.  Not only is Martin creative, a businessman par excellence, hardworking, and an insomniac, but he’s also an expert skier and smooth golfer.

Elizabeth Sutherland

VP General Manager

Elizabeth Sutherland is the VP General Manager with 24 years at AAA. All roads lead to Elizabeth’s office, and she will stop at nothing to make sure AAA’s clients enjoy great product and service. She is a tireless leader who has risen to meet and exceed every challenge thrown her way. Elizabeth is always the first to dive into any project and says she will help with anything and everything—unless it involves cooking. Her biggest unfulfilled dream she hopes to see this year: watching the NY Jets win.

Keith Simon

VP Sales

Keith Simon is the VP of Sales at AAA and has been with the company for six years. Prior to joining the team at AAA, Keith worked for 15 years in the premium/incentive industry and for five years in the technology sector. Currently, Keith manages the eastern US sales team and has been called a true partner in everything he does, especially when bringing RainAlertz to life. Keith is the kind of guy who genuinely loves building relationships and is able to really connect with everyone he meets. If you ask his daughter, she believes Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec. was based on him, but we’ll decide to neither agree nor disagree.

Giovanni Villalona

IT Director

Giovanni Villalona is the IT Director at AAA with over 24 years of experience in multiple roles with the company. From managing production, running the marketing team, and even trying his hand at sales, Giovanni is a true “jump right in and make it happen” kind of guy. If you ask him what his favorite position has been with AAA, he’ll be the first to tell you that his true love (aside from his family), is the world of IT. Giovanni has sourced, designed, or developed every single piece of equipment at AAA and is the co-author of the Oracle based ERP system. Not to mention, he’s developed the most efficient and highest quality printing equipment for umbrellas in the industry. Described by coworkers as one of the most honest, sincere, and spiritual men there is, Giovanni is a true family man and a great friend. When he’s not working in IT,  you can find Giovanni occasionally taking time off and enjoying a Caribbean Cruise.

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