AAA Innovations Begins Transition to Eco-Friendly Materials

Promo Marketing – NOVEMBER 11, 2022 

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AAA Innovations, Norwood, New Jersey, announced it will be the first major supplier to transition its entire product offering to eco-friendly materials. Most importantly, this will be accomplished without raising prices.

"I want AAA Innovations to have a real impact on the environment and to help change the perception of our industry," says Jeffrey Nanus, CEO of AAA Innovations. "Every supplier should be thinking this way. It is possible to hold prices and provide greener products. For those distributors whose clients are not asking for eco-friendly alternatives, our 'green' products are at the same price s our non-eco-friendly competition, while making a difference."

The company has been moving in this direction for the past few years. Already it has eliminated excess packaging where possible, and has launched a variety of solar products to replace disposable batteries. This past March, AAA Innovations began updating the fabric in its umbrellas, bags, chairs and tents on a rolling basis with their rPET equivalents as each item sells out. Nanus's goal is for distributors to have their clients choose any item on AAA Innovations' website and know that it is contributing to a more sustainable future.

By January 2023, more than half of the company's umbrellas will be made from rPET (polyester made from recycled plastic bottles) – with its Sasquatch roto-molded coolers and Satchels New York bag collection following suit – being produced from ocean-bound plastics and recycled cotton/nylon respectively.

In an effort to ensure that end-users understand that these promotional products are eco-friendly, AAA Innovations has designed special labeling and hang tags that will be featured on each product.

Source: AAA Innovations